Steve Thomas & participant Jamila Ahmadi
Steve Thomas and Freedom Stories participant Jamila Ahmadi.

Dear Folks,

I know we have been quiet for a long time! But behind the scenes there is a great deal of work going on. It is so hard to do justice in a single film to the many great stories and the 100 hours of footage that we’ve collected, so the editing period has stretched and stretched while we struggle with this. At the same time we are starting to work on editing a series of short, ‘profile documentaries’ that will give more space to individual stories and complement the feature film.

It’s an odd feeling because while we are agonising over telling the stories of former asylum seekers on a tight budget, in the very same building a big team of producers, associate producers and editors are buzzing around making the next TV series of ‘Real Housewives of Melbourne’. Where exactly is the real world I wonder!

Please keep supporting and encouraging us during this time. We will be consulting with our participants just as soon as we feel we have something worth showing them. And until we’ve done that, of course we can’t show anything publicly. Rest assured that although the weeks and months are passing, we are determined to finish Freedom Stories before the end of the year and launch it as soon as possible. We know that a lot of people are waiting to see it!

Meanwhile if you have any questions please message us through our Facebook Page or email via the Freedom Stories website.


Steve Thomas (Co-Producer/Director)